Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park, the famous park known for its explicit flora and fauna journey got its name in the year 1957 after the name of recognized naturalists and hunter. Sir Edward Jim Corbett. Located at the range of Himalayas the park attracts wildlife lovers from across the nation.

Known for its royal Bengal tiger, wild Asiatic elephants and many other animals, the dense forest and migratory birds which flies across the jungle is a scenic view. And have been able to protect the several wildlife species which are at the verge of extinction or endangered.

From rare species as that of deer’s varied variety which includes Sambar, barking deer, chinkara the place has the exquisiteness of wildlife. Currently Jim Corbett is the project tiger reserve under the supervision of government of India.

And is considered as one of oldest and most primitive national parks of India, wherein the forest area covers various riverine, lakes, grasslands and marshy land, hills, etc. Accommodating explicit glance the provision of jungle safari on jeep across the zones of the forest lets you experience the stay at the government rest houses. Elephant Safari, Jeep Safari and Canter Safari are the three modes through which you can have this pleasurable experience.

Best Places to visit in Jim Corbett

Dhangari museum- Dhangari Museum has been located around 18 kilometres from Ramnagar City. You will watch some Jim Corbett stories and learn about some endeared wildlife extinction and species. Sir Jim Corbett saved the local villagers from the man-eater tiger.

Suspension bridge- The British constructed suspension bridge, or hanging bridge, across the Kosi River. Many visitors are drawn in by the architecture, and the picturesque view of the river and mountains from the bridge is also enhanced.


Jim Corbett Attractions

1.       Garjiya temple

2.       Dhangari museum

3.       Suspension bridge

4.       Corbett waterfall

5.       Jim corbett house

6.       Kosi barrage

7.       Hanuman dham

8.       Strawberry farm

​9.       Jungle Safari

Best Time to visit in Jim Corbett

Best Month January February March

How to reach Jim Corbett

Ramnagar Railway Station is the closest train station from Delhi to Jim Corbett, and there is also a bus service from Delhi to Ramnagar available. It is around 280 kilometres distance between Delhi station to Ramnagar station 280, and by bus it will take 5 to 6 hours to reach Ramnagar station along the road.

By Train, It might be more convenient from a cost and passenger comfort standpoint to take the train.

Activities in Jim Corbett

Bungee Jumping
Rock Climbing
Snow Boarding