Best Places to visit in Pangot

Kilbury Bird Sanctuary: Since it is the most frequented location, the Kilbury Bird Sanctuary is situated in Pangot Village, which is at the highest point. This allows bird watchers and nature enthusiasts to explore the area further. The majority of tourists pick this location to spend their holiday since the forest is home to several kinds of birds. The birds are in their native environment here, so get ready early in the morning and tour the area to see some amazing species.

Naina peak- The highest point of Naintal, Naina Peak, offers a panoramic view of the lake and the Himalayan mountain range. To complete the climb and experience this breathtaking vista, visitors, photographers, and hikers must reach this peak.

Snow view point- It is only 3 kilometres from Nainital, yet Snow View Point offers a clear view of the Himalayan range. You can decide whether to go on a trip or a pony ride based on your preferences. It is among the best locations in Pangot for adventurers.

Guano Hills: This is Nainital's highest peak, where you can see the tranquillity of the Himalayas. Given its elevation, the area is primarily noted for its numerous bird species.

Pangot Attractions

Guano hills

Kilbury bird sanctuary

Naina peak

Snow view point

Tiffin top(Dorothy’s Seat)

Naini lake

Naina devi temple

Kaichi dham

Best Time to visit in Pangot

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How to reach Pangot

By Bus-You might make this trip via public transport if you take a bus from the bus station in Delhi to Haldwani and then continue on to Pangot, both of which are only 48 kilometres apart.

Since Pangot is only 14 kilometres from Nainital, an alternative is to board a bus from the bus station in Delhi and go first to Nainital, then to Pangot.

By train- Since there are no direct trains from Delhi to Pangot, another option is to take one of the other trains that stop at Kathgodam. From there, you can take any local transportation to Pangot, which is only approximately 50 kilometres from Kathgodam Railway Station.

By air: The closest airport to Pangot is PantNagar Airport. Any domestic airline will get you to Pantnagar; from there, you can take any local service to Pangot because it is about 80 kilometres away.

Activities in Pangot