Mukteshwar, the town got its names after one of the name of Lord Shiva who is also known for providing Salvation the Moksha is positioned at the district of Nainital, situated at the Kumaon hills. Mukteshwar, an another chilling hill station with the goodness of nature, holds breathtaking views and leverages the glance through the India’s highest peak, Nanda Devi.

The place that is adorned by enchanting wooden built homes, one can review the Renewable Park which produces solar electricity and is maintained by the Energy and Resources Institute. One can also go for a watch on Indian Veterinary Research Institute which was established way back in 1853.

And the ones looking for truly phenomenal and ecstatic experience they can prefer for a calming holiday destination. The famous temple of Lord Shiva can be remarked here considering the relevance of the city whereas Chauli ka Jali is one of the predominantly famous attraction. Known for its dense vegetation and coniferous forests, the town has received several accolades for natures delight. Thus apart from the nature’s bounties the place is known for several adventurous activities as well.

Mukteshwar Attractions

Bhalugarh Waterfall

You can go for sightseen to Bhalugarh Waterfall, which is located at 6km from Mukteshwar. As the waterfall is surrounded by a dense forest, it makes for one best place in Mukteshwar.

Chauli Ki Jaali sunset point in Mukteshwar

The most popular sunset point of Mukteshwar, Chauli Ki Jaali stands true to its impression. It is a cliff looking out at a vast expanse of layered hills and the town in between them.

Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple

This is Lord Shiva Temple located on hill top you have to take 100 step stairs to reach this temple,

Best Time to visit in Mukteshwar

Best Month January February March April May June October November December

How to reach Mukteshwar

Take a  Bus from Delhi to Kathgodam, it’ll take 6 to 7 hours and cost approximately 700 INR. From Kathgodam, you can take a state-run bus to Mukteshwar, which will take another 2 hours @150 INR.

Alternately, you can take a train to Kathgodam from Delhi or from Other destination which can be as cheap . Follow it up with a bus ride as mentioned above.

Road Trip from Delhi to Mukteshwar

You can come by your own car or bike from Delhi to Mukteshwar either you can reach directly to mukteshwar or you can halt in bhimtal or haldwani for 1 night then next day you can drive to mukteshwar. Its aproximately 360 km  distance from Delhi to Mukteshwar.